to build or not to build?

You’ve heard the doom and gloom about the future of New Orleans, right?

Relocate New Orleans
[W]ouldn’t it be better to reevaluate the location of New Orleans? Instead of investing many billions in a site that is not suitable for a flourishing city, wouldn’t it be simpler to move it somewhere else?

Scientists Say New Orleans Should Not Be Rebuilt
A Utah researcher says New Orleans should not be rebuilt on its existing site. In fact, he calls such a plan “irresponsible.” Other scientists are voicing similar concerns today, not only with New Orleans but with other coastal developments.
The United Geological Survey’s video of Katrina’s devastation offers a different perspective. Erosion, changes in topography, islands that were once there but are no more – the view really questions the wisdom of moving back into harms way.

Well, now how about some reality?

Mayor: French Quarter to Reopen Next Week
In a few days, residents will begin moving back into this city one ZIP code at a time, speeding the revival of the economy in places like the French Quarter the bawdy enclave that suffered relatively minor damage in the hurricane but is still without electricity.
Mayor C. Ray Nagin announced plans Thursday to reopen some of New Orleans’ most vibrant and least flood-ravaged neighborhoods over the next week and a half, including the French Quarter. The move could bring back more than 180,000 of the city’s original half-million residents.

There were 500,000 people living in New Orleans at the time. Most of them won’t go back, but will likely settle in the areas where they are currently displaced (Houston, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Dallas, etc). But the city is going to be back up and running very soon. Utilities are being restored as we speak progressively over the whole city as the remaining water is being pumped out. Sure there is a lot of cleanup and rebuilding to do, but all this whining about relocating the city or bulldozing everything and raising the area 20ft is nonsense. The levees will be strengthened, the canals dredged, and life will go on. It always does.

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