less is more better

For a quick exercise in the benefit of limited government involvement, contrast the brutal horror of New Orleans with the clean efficiency of Houston this week.
In New Orleans local, state, and federal officials began bickering before Hurricane Katrina ever hit as to who was going to supply relief, who was going to enforce order, and even who was going to order evacuations. The obvious and unfortunate result was (or will be) thousands dead, an entire city in chaos, and no one taking responsibility.
In Houston the situation was the complete opposite. Of course there are differences that should be taken into account when comparing the efforts: massive flooding hampering transportation, utilities connected or not, security or not, etc. But here the only government involvement was making the Astrodome available and ready. After the refugees arrived, everything was handled by volunteers and charity organizations. The result has been as far as I can see a very smooth transition into relative comfort for the reported 18,000 New Orleans natives there.
The disaster in New Orleans has and will continue to teach us many lessons. The first (after ‘RUN AWAY!’) that I can see is that the less government involvement in crisis situations, the better.

Gawd still hates fags

On my way home this afternoon I heard one of the most offensive and ignorant things on the Savage Nation. A caller put forth the idea that as an “act of God”, hurricane Katrina was obviously timed to coincide with the Southern Decadence festival that was supposed to have begun in New Orleans today. Yes, that’s right. Gawd hates fags so much that he would flatten and flood several hundred miles of populated coastline killing hundreds, possibly thousands of people, and causing billions of dollars worth of property damage, instantly making hundreds of thousands more people homeless.
These ignorant fucks have such pea-sized brains that they feel the need to explain the world around them by blaming gawd or other people of whom they do not approve. Things don’t happen because of cause and effect, no no. Gawd, in his infinite compassion and forgiveness wipes entire civilized regions off the planet because some queers want to have fun in a place that accepts them. I could vomit.
While Michael Savage chose not to agree with the caller, he said that he did so because San Francisco basically has a Decadence festival everyday and Gawd has yet to wipe them off the planet. Oh, just wait for the Big One, Mike. Those damn queers will feel Gawd’s wrath one day.
Does anyone have a gun? I could use one right about now.

UPDATE: Apparently Savage doesn’t listen to his own show. Yesterday he agreed in principle with a caller who said that Katrina was Gawd’s wrath for Southern Decadence in New Orleans. Today, Savage called out extremist Muslims who celebrated the destruction of the area since we are unbelievers. So it’s bad when Muslims do it, but not when Christians do it? Tsk tsk.

In addition, anyone walking (read: wading) around in New Orleans with anything in their hands other than food, water, blankets, or medicine should be shot immediately. That is all.