indict this

So Tom Delay was handed a second indictment today.


It goes without saying that if my Congressman is convicted of any charges, he should immediately resign his seat. I am glad he stepped down from his Majority Leader position until this is all over. It was a very honorable move (though of course required of him) to do it so immediately.
However, there are two very important points:

1) I don’t think Delay has a chance in hell of being convicted of any of this. This is obviously politically motivated, probably to weaken his re-election chances next year, since Nick Lampson has announced his intent to run for Delay’s seat.

2) I don’t think the things with which Delay is charged should be illegal in the first place. Individuals (and thereby corporations) should be able to donate time, money, or services to any political campaign or organization without limits on amount, time, form, or relationship. The whole campaign finance reform movement is nonsense. It is no business of anyone else what I do with my money, ESPECIALLY in the political arena. If I want to express my support for a political candidate or idea, the government is the LAST entity that should be able to tell me I can’t do so.

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