political enema, please

Ok, that’s it. Fire the entire Congress. Our founders warned us of the President becoming a royal office with too much power. Congress now considers itself untouchable in the same way. It’s time to clean house, folks. There may be a few current representatives that deserve to keep their seats (see Kyl, Tancredo, Sensenbrenner, Poe, Culberson, etc). Anyone else with an “I” next to their name on a ballot should be automatically voted against in their next election.
In case you’re wondering where all this is coming from, this was the tipping point for my outrage. Congressman Jefferson’s government office was recently raided by the FBI investigating charges of corruption and bribery after he was VIDEOTAPED taking money from an undercover FBI informant. But that’s not surprising…for a politician from Louisiana. What was absolutely shocking was how Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Boehner think that the FBI raid was off limits as a separation of powers issue and should be challenged in the Supreme Court. *mouth*hangs*open* What a bunch of preening elitist power whores… It’s time to start from scratch in Washington.
A glimmer of hope here is the recent trend in polls that show that a large majority of American voteres think that most members of Congress need to be replaced. WOOHOO. But another question in these polls reveals a very opposite situation. While most people think that the majority of Congress should not be re-elected, the majority of people (almost the same ratio) think that their own representative should be re-elected. Now that just spoils the whole idea. If everyone thinks their own rep is just fine and dandy, but everyone else’s is the problem, then none of them are going to get sent home, and we have to live with the same problem for at least another two years (and realistically, decades). It’s simply an abomination.
Fortunately, I don’t have to make the decision to re-elect my Congressman in November. He already made that decision for me by tucking his tail between his legs and announcing his sad pathetic resignation. Good riddance, Delay. So my district is guaranteed to get a new face in Washington after the next election. It’s got to start somewhere…


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