World War III

Is this really World War III, or is it World War IV? Has it even started yet, and if so, when exactly did it start?
You might say that World War III was really the Cold War in which we battled Russia on various indirect fronts around the world from Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, Grenada, and other Soviet satellites. In that case, what we see now is World War IV.
Regardless which war this is, when did it start? It started in some sense with the Islamist Coup in Iran in 1979. Probably the more ovious consensus would be September 11, 2001, our generation’s Pearl Harbor. At least that is when this war officially began for us; when we finally decided that we would fight back.
I’m sure some people still don’t think that we’re in World War III (or IV). Despite the fact that they are wrong, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that the major combat operations have not yet begun. We had the Battle of 9/11, and opened two small fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, but other that prolonged anti-terrorist counter-intelligence operations, there has been very little World War II style epic ground operations. That will come if Iran and North Korea ever get directly involved other than sending weapons and money to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
Well, I say bring it. Yes our military may be a bit busy at the moment, yes it will be extremely messy, but yes we will get to truly see who are allies and enemies are in the world, and we will finally deal with these problems that have been brewing for decades. Our children and grandchildren will thank us.


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