Not Four More Years, but a Fresh Start.

By now it should be obvious that I’m not objective observer of politics. I actively support electing Mitt Romney and making Barack Obama a one-term President. He had his chance in 2009 & 2010 with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress to get our economy moving again (assuming you believe his policies would do that). Instead, he spent nearly $1 trillion on public sector union bailouts and boondoggle cronyism passed off as economic “stimulus”. Instead, he nationalized health insurance regulation, created new entitlements and federal bureaucracies to mandate things that Congress and the executive have no authority to oversee, arguing it was a life and death matter, but phasing it in over 7 years. Instead, he put chains and irons on small business and community banks with national financial regulation that hasn’t even been fully implemented almost two years later.

The people saw this vision of “change” for what it was, and in November 2010 they took back as much of the government as they could (dozens of state legislatures, governorships, and the US House of Representatives). This November we have the chance to take back the rest. We must win back the US Senate, and we must win back the White House. If we don’t, Obamacare becomes permanent, we get 2-4 more liberal Supreme Court justices, and 8% unemployment, $3 gas, spiraling debt, and $1 trillion deficits become the new normal. Our nation cannot survive that.

Mitt Romney has the vision and experience necessary to wake us from this national nightmare of malaise and dependence. As a business manager and owner he turned around failing companies, created jobs, and evolved industries by eliminating failed business models and creating new, successful ones. As the savior of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, he took the organization from corruption and deficits to a budget surplus and an inspirational and successful international games. As governor he consistently fought for lower spending, lowered taxes, and balanced the state budget, all with the help of the 80% Democratic state legislature.

Barack Obama’s pre-election experience went from navel-gazing in the faculty lounge to rabble-rousing and divide-and-conquer on the streets of Chicago. No wonder he got not a single Republican vote in the House on his signature “achievements” of the stimulus and Obamacare. Mitt Romney’s experience over the last forty years in businesses, community, and government is the picture of principled leadership.

We need Mitt Romney in the White House, and he needs your support to get there.
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