Friday, May 10, 2013: The day the Obama administration came crumbling down

In April we had the Worst Week Ever, including the Boston marathon bombing and West TX explosion. For the Obama administration, last Friday was the Worst Day Ever.

The House Oversight Committee’s hearing about the Benghazi terrorist attack was two days prior, and on Friday more details came out about the changes made to the talking points used by various administration officials in the weeks to cover their tracks following the attack.

Later that day, the IRS apologized for specifically targeting “tea party” and “patriot” labeled groups in applying for non-profit status.

Now we learn today that on Friday the AP was notified by the DOJ that they had seized two full months of telephone records for 20 of their reporters’ phone lines.

I don’t think the President will resign over any of this, nor will impeachment proceedings begin, but I think last Friday might actually be the day that the media turned on Obama and finally started treating him like any other President rather than King Barack the Well-intentioned, as they have to date.


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