New anti-Obamacare irony offensive: We Can’t Wait

If I were a savvy, well funded political organization, I would be busy tonight. Given the breaking news today that the Obamacare employer mandate passed by Congress is being unilaterally delayed by the Obama administration, the following is a list of steps that I would be taking if I were such an organization.

  1. Buy
  2. Create hip “We Can’t Wait” logo
  3. Build a database of press releases, sound bites, stump speeches, and interviews of Democrats and “experts” in 2009-2010 defending Obamacare and its provisions, especially things like “urgent”, “emergency”, “people dying in the streets”, etc
  4. Starting with the employer mandate, make a list of every health care regulation, deadline, or mandate that’s been missed, skipped, or waived
  5. Start issuing press releases (and make a Tumblr) taking the Obama administration to task for these implementation failures based on its supporters rhetoric
  6. Recruit volunteers to attend Congressional town hall meetings in their local districts and arm them with similar rhetoric and demands
  7. Print posters and signs for citizens to bring to political events with the logo and various 2009-2010 supporter quotes
  8. Enlist willing Congressmen and Senators to sponsor legislation mandating that Obamacare be implemented in full, on time, as enacted in 2010
  9. Petition the CBO to revise their scoring of Obamacare based on delays and waivers
  10. If necessary, file lawsuits to force implementation in full, on time

In short, troll the hell out of them. Democrats aren’t going to support their own bill if it’s the White House that’s screwing it up, so someone has to do it. Even if it is ironically.

Again, if I were a savvy, well funded political organization.
(ProTip: I can be available in approximately two weeks. Thanks, Mgmt.)

UPDATE: Shortly after the employer mandate news broke, another delay was announced. Since employer data will not be available for another year, the health insurance exchanges won’t have any way to verify information individuals put in their applications about their employer coverage, so…they just won’t. Another reason that “We Can’t Wait” is so urgently needed.

Heritage has also provided many more examples.


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