Obama’s laser-like focus on…”bisexual issues”?

ImageWe’ve all heard the jokes about how often President Obama and his surrogates promote his administration’s “laser-like focus” on jobs and the economy. Now comes word that the White House will have a closed-door meeting next month with advocates to address issues facing the bisexual community.

While I am an opponent of the President on most issues, I can fully get behind this one. A single meeting in the executive office building costs almost nothing, doesn’t grow government, doesn’t tax anyone, doesn’t reduce anyone’s freedom, but raises the profile of a very important and critically misunderstood issue.

Bisexuality is ignored, assumed to include promiscuity or fear of commitment, treated like a phase, and worst of all, said to be a myth (by science no less). If the President of the United States can address some of these and other issues faced by bisexual men and women (without creating a new bureaucracy) then GREAT!

Unfortunately, since it’s Obama doing it, there will be a reflexive backlash on the other side. It’s always hard to tell if these kinds of things hurt or help in the end. On gay marriage, polls continued to shift after Obama announced his support for it. But on gun control, after the push for a background check/magazine/mental health bill, support for gun rights increased. Only time will tell if higher exposure of bisexuality as a national issue can change hearts and minds for the better.

However, it would be nice if organizations other than “supporters of President Obama” were invited.  I’m sure GOProud and Log Cabin would love to attend.

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