The Choice is Made

ImageThe Texans lost 38-13 to St Louis at home on Sunday. There’s no point analyzing what went wrong. Everything did. After Schaub’s injury, there are few options going forward, but finally the choice to bench him has been made for head coach Gary Kubiak.

Next week the Texans play the undefeated Chiefs in Kansas City. It’s going to be loud, brutal, and the Texans will lose. Schaub probably won’t play, so Yates will start. He will be adequate, but no different than Schaub on any other day. Kubiak, in his ever-fatal loyalty, will almost certainly give Schaub the next two weeks to rest. After Kansas City, they have a bye week. Schaub will start again in the next game at home against the (likely division champ) Colts on November 3.

This should, of course, not happen. Due to his dreadful performance and new injury, Schaub should be considered done for the season. He should be placed on IR and third-string beacon Case Keenum should be activated for the rest of the year. After Yates “leads” the team to a loss at KC, the next two weeks should be used to get Keenum ready to start against the Colts, and he should be the starting QB for the rest of the year regardless of what happens after. He was a superstar at UH two years ago. He could be a star for the Texans and bring hope to a deflated city. If he doesn’t, we can say they gave him a shot, and they still lose the rest of the season and can draft a good QB next year.

The season is lost. The team is uninspired. The city is angry. We need a reason to watch. We need Case Keenum.