The new Robertson front in the War on Christianity™

Let’s just get this out of the way up front. No, Phil Robertson was not suspended from A&E for his Christian faith. The Robertsons have been speaking loudly in public about their religious views for years. If A&E were on an anti-Christian witch hunt, they wouldn’t have hired the family to do the show in the first place, and they wouldn’t have kept them around for what will now be five years beginning with the season premiere in January.

There are lots of ways to express Christian beliefs, even restrictive sexual mores, without sounding like a brutish jerk. Instead of acting like an adult and having respect for how other people might receive his comments, Robertson chose to be “himself” and express his beliefs in the form of verbal diarrhea.

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Best Albums of 2013

Note: Album art links to Amazon. Album title links to Spotify.

21. Lady Gaga – Artpop

A few gems, but a bit of a letdown. Feels like it should have been her 2nd album, not her 4th.

20. 30 Seconds to Mars – Love Lust Faith & Dreams

Starts off well enough, but veers into low-key sameness halfway through.

19. Haim – Days Are Gone

Fun retro 80s funky songwriter stuff. But they’re terrible live.

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