Beyonce’s Grammy Backlash

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

It must be exhausting to be a social conservative these days. You’re constantly forced to watch award shows celebrating entertainment you either don’t understand or don’t enjoy, then tweet about how outrageous it is. The humanity! The first and perhaps best example from the Grammy Awards on Sunday night was Beyonce and Jay Z’s performance of their song, Drunk in Love. Immediately the complaints about Beyonce’s lost innocence flooded Twitter.

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Yes, marriage is an issue of equality

Over at the usually great Pocket Full of Liberty, Jay Caruso (#FF) has a post about the equality argument for gay marriage. In short, he doesn’t buy it. This is disappointing for a fellow libertarian blog, but not surprising. We allow intellectual disagreements in our ranks. That’s sort of the point of libertarianism.

Jay makes a simple, well-meaning case that the freedom to marry isn’t an equality issue.

If you’re an 18 (or 16 with parental consent) year-old heterosexual male or female, you have the right to marry any person of your choosing who happens to be of the opposite sex and not a close blood relative (sibling or parent — though first cousins can marry — more about that soon) and who is not already married. Guess what? An 18-year-old homosexual male or female has the same rights.

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