LGBT Awareness: A lesson in douchery and parenting

This morning while cooking breakfast for my family, I responded on Twitter to a writer I’ve enjoyed following for a few years. He immediately insulted and blocked me. Perhaps he woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed, but his statement to which I responded was at once horrifying and illuminating, and it deserves a full rebuttal.


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Being gay is only 150 years old?

Gay conservative writer, David Benkof, in a Daily Caller post, reviews a couple sociological studies and comes to this seemingly absurd conclusion. How can being gay be an exclusively Western phenomenon only 150 years old? There is evidence of even mainstream homosexual activity dating back to the ancient Greeks. Benkof’s point is that while sexual activity has always run the gamut since probably the beginning of the human species, the existence of a concrete minority community composed of individuals who identify as homosexual (or otherwise) is relatively new. It’s an interesting point, but it is also fraught with peril in both its motives and consequences.

It is no accident that equal rights for LGBT persons have been restored at an accelerated pace as more and more individuals come out and openly identify as something other than heterosexual. A plurality of poll respondents who come to support same-sex marriage say they changed their mind based on an LGBT acquaintance. It can be implied then that if Benkof’s argument were taken to its logical conclusion and people stopped identifying as LGBT, progress toward those rights would probably slow at best and possibly even reverse in some places, at least on issues that haven’t yet reached the federal court level.

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