Why the Libertarian Party is a dead end

On Tuesday, May 27, Dan Patrick defeated 11-year incumbent David Dewhurst in the Republican primary for Texas lieutenant governor. While most media lazily defaulted to the “Tea Party defeats establishment” narrative, the reality was much more complicated. Both candidates in the runoff were endorsed by conservative and Tea Party-affiliated groups. While Patrick is seen as the more conservative of the two, Dewhurst was endorsed by most libertarian-leaning organizations. Former congressman Ron Paul and state land commissioner Jerry Patterson also endorsed the incumbent. When Patrick won, many libertarian Republicans like myself were distraught. Dewhurst wasn’t our ideal candidate, but he was the best of the two in the runoff. Patrick is for many a bridge too far. He’s too socially conservative, too theocratic, too combative with non-white non-Christian demographics.

So the night of the primary, I wondered if there was a Libertarian Party candidate alternative.

I received no response, of course, but did a little digging and found who it was. I then suggested that the party take advantage of the evening and engage with voters.

On Wednesday afternoon, almost 24 hours later (an eternity in social media), the party responded.

The official state party follows their nominated candidates on Twitter! Victory is at hand! They then took my advice, finally.

Since they did so almost word for word, I decided to rag them about it.

Then this happened.


Ashley J is the media manager for the Libertarian Party of Texas.


I assume that means she handles the Twitter and other social media for the party, and thus was the one (not) posting about their candidates after the GOP primary.

Role aside, her attitude is baffling, but completely demonstrative of what is wrong with the Libertarian Party.  They think they can operate as a default alternative to the two mainstream parties. They thing people disaffected will turn to them on their own when they’re disappointed by Republicans or Democrats instead of just staying home. If this is the attitude of the Libertarian Party, it’s no wonder they have no federally elected officials and never get more than 5% on any ballot anywhere.

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