Sorry conservatives, Dan Patrick isn’t outpolling Greg Abbott


One of the most common electoral memes on the right is that the more conservative the candidate, the better the chance for and bigger the victory. The theory is that stronger conservative rhetoric drives more base voters to the polls who might otherwise stay home if they feel uninspired by a milquetoast candidate. It makes sense, but it doesn’t often work.

Friday morning the Texas Tribune released its latest poll of the statewide races, and conservatives were quick to use it to justify their strategy.

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The only demographic group people actually still despise is…

coexitBlacks? Nope. Hispanics? No. Christians? Ha! Foreigners? Nein. Gun owners? Naw. College dropouts? Negative.


You may have heard that the country is run by godless heathens or that there’s a War on Christianity™ breaking out all over America. The exact opposite is true. Atheists are the only group which anywhere near a majority of the country thinks so poorly of that they wouldn’t even want one married into their family. Continue reading