No, Obama‚Äôs LGBT Executive Order Doesn’t Undermine Pluralism and Religious Liberty


The freedom of religion is an important bedrock principle of American society. Many groups came to this land fleeing persecution of their religion in others. Some of those groups, like the Quakers, sought actual religious liberty and let others live how they choose. Others, like the Puritans, sought to shape American society in their theological image and impose their beliefs on others. Similarly, today many invocations of religious liberty are sincere requests to practice one’s faith privately without interference, while others are thinly veiled preferences for illegal discrimination. Today Ryan Anderson in the Daily Signal gives us an example of the latter in response to President Obama’s executive order adding sexual orientation and gender identity to federal contractor and employee nondiscrimination regulations.

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Parenthood: When 1+1 equals a lot more than 2

two little girls jumping on sofa

This morning on the way to drop my kids off at daycare, a morning radio show I listen to regularly talked about a poll of stressful events in modern life. #8 on that list was having a child for the first time. Surprising to me was that having a child for the second time was not even higher on the list. Because wow.

When my wife and I had our first child 4 years ago, it was a very stressful experience to be sure. We had no idea what we were doing (and still don’t, really). But we shared that learning curve together. We figured things out together, everything was new and exciting, and we bonded over each new discovery.

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(not) BREAKING: (not) Terrorist manual found (not) on Texas border!


This afternoon The Blaze breathlessly reported on Twitter that an Urdu-to-English dictionary was found on the Texas border, leaving among its anti-immigration readers thoughts of Pakistani terrorists sneaking into the US among the wave of unaccompanied children fleeing violence in their home countries in Central America. It’s certainly possible that this is happening or has happened, but this discarded tome is not evidence of it.

It’s brand new.

The dictionary allegedly found under a fence in the Texas desert looks like it’s fresh off the shelf at Barnes & Noble (where you can actually find it, by the way). If it had been ferried from Pakistan across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean and trekked through the Mexican desert to cross the US border, you would think it might have a little dust around the edges.

It also looks like it’s never been read. If a terrorist were attempting to learn English in order to infiltrate the US and carry out an attack, you would think he would have started doing so before he got to Texas, and thus the book would look like it’s at least been thumbed through.

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