Why is bisexual monogamy so hard to understand?

UntitledA couple weeks ago the gay blogs were all aflutter with news that TLC (you know, The Network Formerly Known as The Learning Channelâ„¢) was promoting a new series documenting the marriages of three Mormon men in Utah who were attracted to other men but also faithful to their wives. Neither TLC’s advertising nor the LGBT publications uttered the word “bisexual” in their coverage of this probably pretty boring new show.

To be fair, given the religious context of the show, it could end up being more about religious self-denial than proudly monogamous bisexual men. But you would think that websites that claim to speak for LGBT voices would at least raise the possibility that the “B” might be at play here instead of just the “G”. Not every man who is attracted to other men is gay. Sexual identity is a sliding scale, not a toggle switch.

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