True Detective season 2 starts off on the wrong diseased, frustrating foot

truedMy wife and I just caught up on the first, revelatory season of True Detective over the last couple weeks via HBO GO, so it was fresh in our mind for the second season premiere last night. That didn’t work out very well in its favor.

The first season was dark, brutally dark. Like a 10-hour version of Seven and the X-Files episode “Home” wrapped up in one nihilistic package. But it also had lots of dark comedy to soften the blow. Matthew McConaughey’s Emmy-worthy fallen hero Rust Cohle was stoically hilarious, especially when playing off his dramatic foil of a partner, Woody Harrelson, like a cynical Gen X version of the Odd Couple.

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Yes, Spider-Man can still be black or gay


Today at Gawker (yes, yes, I know…), Sam Biddle goes to great pains to explain that the recent Spider-Man movies are terrible because the character is a white male. Never mind bad writing, clumsy directing, tone deaf casting, overblown effects, or studio micromanaging. It would beĀ much more interesting if there were a black guy hidden under the red and blue suit!

Biddle produces evidence of Sony’s (or Marvel’s?) demand that Spider-Man remain a straight white male forever in the form of leaked contractual requirements for the character in the studio’s films. (Unclear if the same requirements remain in the new Sony-Marvel co-producing agreement for the character’s integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)

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