A Republican, if you can keep him


It’s a general rule that hypothetical headlines are almost always answered with a “No” by the story beneath them. This is no exception.

I’ve been a Republican since about 2002. I was never a Democrat, but I also never closely identified myself with the GOP until just a few years after I cast my first votes in 1998. I’ve never voted straight party and will continue to vote for individuals of any party who deserve my vote.

The likely GOP nominee is not one of those individuals, and the rebranding of the party in his image is something I can no longer associate myself with.

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Children are not, in fact, computer programs


There are many light bulb moments in the life of new parents. Most of them tend to be overwhelming – e.g., “These small creatures for which *I’m* responsible are going to have to be productive members of society one day?!”

But there are a few moments when you realize simple truths that make life just a little more bearable each day. I had one of those today.

I consider myself a decent parent. My kids are happy, healthy, learning, and loving. They’re not perfect, and neither am I. They don’t listen well, they make horrible messes effortlessly, and I both get mad at them and let them off the hook far too easily. But we all try.

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Why I’m voting for Ted Cruz today


After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to vote for Ted Cruz today in the Louisiana primary. Let me explain why.

As you probably know, I initially supported Rand Paul for president. Even though he disappointed me many times on the campaign trail by pandering to social conservatives, he was the most libertarian option on the Republican side by far. When he dropped out after not being able to revive the Ron Paul ground game in Iowa, I had a choice to make.

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