3 things you should oppose before transgender restroom access


Based on internet comment sections over the last two years, you’d think America was besieged by an epidemic of sexual assaults by transgender predators in public restrooms. Houston’s nondiscrimination ordinance was demagogued to repeal last year,  and North Carolina and Mississippi passed bills outlawing similar local policies over the last two months.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. There has never been a single incident of a person convicted of a crime in the United States using transgender public accommodations to do so. Never. Not one.

Transgender bathroom access like Houston proposed, and NC and MS banned, has been legal in Colorado, Maryland, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and DC for years – a full decade in DC’s case. Over that time there has not been a single case of abuse that conservatives argue will immediately swamp police departments in every place the issue is raised. None.

But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that this is their real concern (and not just latent bigotry). Let’s say your top priority in life is preventing lewd behavior, assaults, and peeping toms in public restrooms. Transgender access should be the last thing you worry about. Here are a few that should come first:

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