Shopping, with Children

Shopping with my kids is always a roll of the dice.


Yesterday I only needed a couple things at Target, but #SmallQaeda fell asleep in the car just a few minutes before we arrived. Usually if it’s nap time I take advantage of the situation and just park and let him sleep while I catch up on Instafacetwitchatblr, but this time we were meeting #Bae for lunch in just a few minutes right next door.

I picked him up and went inside, but he stayed asleep on my shoulder, so I couldn’t put him in a cart. So I carried him around and picked up the medicine and birthday card I needed.

On the way out, I messaged #Bae to make sure we didn’t need anything else. “Always!”, she says. Of course… But too much for me to carry with one hand, so it would have to wait for the next trip. Which will inevitably be within a week. We don’t plan well.



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