I should talk to management about my hours


Parenthood is a 24/7/365 job, obviously. It turns out so is stay-at-home parenting.

My wife and I wake up at 6:30 every weekday to get #Angel ready for school. #Bae leaves for work when I leave for school, with #SmallQaeda in tow. The rest of the day is spent doing things you expect stay-at-home parents to do – laundry, dishes, cleaning, errands, bills, ABCs, etc. But I don’t get to clock out at the end of the day.

You might think that when #Bae gets home, she could take over the parenthood duties. I considered that for a brief moment when our arrangement first began. A very brief moment.

While she doesn’t have to deal with dirty diapers, screaming toddlers, and piles of clothes, she instead has to deal with an office phone, an actual boss, paperwork, belligerent customers, infectious diseases, and various other hazards of the modern corporate environment all day.

She’s usually more tired when she gets home than I am. Sometimes I even get a nap.

And that’s not my only break. I go to the gym regularly, usually during SQ’s naptime, while my sister or mother generously babysit, or on weekend mornings while most of the kids are outside playing with the rest of the compound. After the kids are in bed, sometimes B and/or I go out to dinner or a movie.

So I’m not actually complaining about the hours. They’re pretty damn fair. Just not quite what you think going in. Though the pay could be better…


One thought on “I should talk to management about my hours

  1. it’ll pay off. stay at home parent means your kids will have far greater chances of success and happiness! that’s what makes y’all great parents.


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