My Little Worrier


Is it a common phase for kindergarteners to worry about literally everything they do?

For the last year or so, #Angel, my 6 year old daughter, has requested a detailed itinerary of her entire day every day. Every time we go somewhere she needs to know when we’ll get there, where we’re going first, what we’re getting, and what we’re eating.

Every time we talk to her brother, she has to intervene and help or try to take over for us.

Every time #Bae and I, or our other family members, speak with her around she listens and tries to interject suggestions or ask questions about what we’re planning to do or talking about. She asks about things she knows are happening in the future constantly until they finally happen.

She doesn’t seem stressed out about these details, just curious. But it’s become a problem, especially during the summer when she doesn’t have a default routine every day like on school days.

It’s very difficult and frustrating to have to constantly tell her to mind her own business and not worry about everything without doing the opposite and giving her a complex about it so that she does it the rest of her life.

I want to raise a helper, but not a busy-body. An observer, but not a nanny-statist.

How do I shut this down without making it worse? Or do I just let it pass? Surely it’ll be better when she’s an apathetic teenager who doesn’t care about anything or anyone ever, right? Isn’t that right around the corner?

One thought on “My Little Worrier

  1. You bet your ass they turn apathetic af sooner than you could ever want.

    That said, there might be some help in the ‘Love and Logic’ parenting program stuff. I bet they have some suggestions for diverting or reengaging on a more appropriate level than she is now. For instance, maybe checklists (with images) that she can look at and check off on some days when she needs to know what the itinerary is. Or a good turn of phrase to alert her to when she’s interfering or interjecting too much, like ‘I love it when you help your little brother. Let’s come up with a good ‘helper’ codeword we can use when it’s time to help him, and one when it’s time to help a little less.’

    L&L have some good videos out so you can kind of get the flavor of them –


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