Operation Nooki Freedom

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Small Qaeda is 2 years and 5 months old. It’s time to lose the pacifier.

We’ve gotten pretty good at weaning him off of it over the last few months. He almost never has it during the day. We occasionally give it to him in the car if he’s being a jerk, which fortunately isn’t very often anymore. But it’s almost exclusively for nap and bedtime lately.

So I decided to make that a rule now. Yesterday was the first trial run.

When he woke up in the morning and called for me to get him up (“Dah! Uh!”), I told him he had to leave his paci, that it was only for bedtime. He grabbed his two favorite blankets (“red blank” that’s orange, and “white blank”) in one hand, pulled his paci out with the other hand, and dropped it on the bed. I congratulated him on what a big boy he was, he lay his head on my shoulder, and we went to get dressed.

He only whined about having to leave it for a few seconds. A good start!

We did the same thing after naptime. Told him paci had to stay in bed, he was a big boy, he got his blankets, dropped it, lay his head on my shoulder and cried for just a second.

A full day, no paci! Mission accomplished!

This morning I repeated the process, with slightly different results. I should have expected success to be fleeting with this one.

He was very adamant about not leaving it in bed. We tried to bribe him with his favorite foods and shows to get out of bed without it, but he wasn’t budging. So we had to leave him a few times. We would ask him if he wanted to get out, told him he had to leave it, he would say no, so we’d tell him he had to stay in bed, and we left alone him briefly to reconsider.

It took about 10 or 15 minutes, but he finally relented. Bae got him up with his blankets, he dropped the paci, and came out to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (“MOU”) and eat cereal (“SHOO”).

Unfortunately, ever since then he’s been the loudest person on the planet. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all…

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