Two Reasons Both Parties Can Celebrate Roy Moore’s Loss


When a Democrat wins in Alabama, you know the script has been flipped. But there are still a few standard electoral lessons we can learn from the biggest political upset in a generation. And both parties have reasons to celebrate.

D1 – Alabama follows Virginia in signaling a wave

In the final polling average for Alabama, Moore was ahead by 2.5 points. The final vote total saw Jones winning by 1.5 points, or a total swing to Democrats of 4%. That doesn’t mean the polls were “wrong” per se, just that they underestimated Democrat turnout (and Republicans staying home), especially by black voters, who turned out in bigger numbers than even for Obama in 2012. Continue reading

My Daughter is Not Here to Entertain You

Yesterday afternoon I was running some errands in town with the kids. After dual (or, dueling) dentist appointments, we went to the grocery store next door, where the ubiquitous bell ringers of the holiday season were stationed.

The red-vested man at this particular location was particularly friendly, greeting most customers as they came and went from the store. Normally, this would be a welcome change of pace from the standard lifeless drone collecting donations. But he quickly crossed the line from friendly to something else. Continue reading