Natalie Portman’s Golden Globes “Shade” Darkens the Wrong Ground


After the last few months of sexual scandal that Hollywood had, everyone knew that the first big televised award show of the season was going to be a mockery of vile men and a celebration of the long overdue #meToo moment. The Golden Globes turned into just that, with host Seth Myers savaging Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and sexual harassment in general in his opening monologue, joined by several other presenters throughout the show.

As with any broad social movement that is capable of crossing a line from justice to persecution, Natalie Portman turned the pitchforks on five innocents in the audience with a single well-intentioned but woefully mis-timed aside.

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#NeverTrump Does Not Require Reflexive Opposition to GOP Policy


In the wake of Senator Orrin Hatch’s retirement announcement, all eyes are on Mitt Romney, who many expect to stroll severely into the seat. As a searing critic of President Trump since early in the 2016 primary campaign, a potential Senator Romney promises to be a much needed voice of principled (not partisan) opposition. Some aren’t so convinced.

This has been a common line against anti-Trump Republicans, and it’s a transparent red herring, for several reasons.

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Top Albums of 2017

61Xl20PefSL._SY450_Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It’s been a long time, but a rock album finally topped my list again this year. Their sound has become more focused and more driven, their message more clear and more vital than ever. “Fade In/Fade Out” may be the best father/son song since “Simple Man”, and “Go to War” is the perfect song for our unnecessary internal divisions.



Lorde – Melodrama

With the help of Jack Antonoff, Our Lorde and Savior brightens up her sound while still retaining the gritty spunk that makes her so unforgettable.



71VGdzD4OiL._SX450_Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

I admit to never liking a Kendrick album before this one. I’ve always loved his guest verses on other people’s music, but couldn’t get into his own stuff. Until now. A blistering whirlwind of an album. Pop in its approach but street in its delivery. He’ll win all the Grammys this year. All of them.


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