Why conservatives don’t believe in climate change, in one tweet


Republicans often get labeled “anti-science” for their skepticism on climate change. It certainly doesn’t help their cause that some of them resort to absurd conspiracy-mongering on the issue. The issue of scientific apostasy is indeed bipartisan; Democrats also oppose scientific consensus on a whole host of issues.

But on climate change, “scientists” keeps proving Republicans’ point. The IPCC today announced that without massive societal change across the globe, climate catastrophes will be overwhelming within just a few years.

As one meteorologist put it:

Yeah, that’s not happening.

Never mind that the most capitalistic countries perform better on carbon emissions than others.


US carbon emissions have fallen for 10 years now, partly as a result of the last recession but mostly as a result of market forces making non-coal power like natural gas, wind, and solar power more cost-effective.

It’s not really that conservatives don’t believe the scientific findings of climatologists and meteorologists. It’s that those findings are almost always conspicuously followed by “dismantle capitalism.” Total coincidence, I’m sure.

If climate scientists want to make more than half the country believe them, they should stop proposing radical political solutions that just happen to align with their preexisting economic views. Stick to fact finding and leave the policy solutions to others.

I mean, the tweet above was written by a self-professed “ecosocialist.”


And you wonder why conservatives don’t believe you?


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